Hello, My name is Kristy Groves. I will be the Fifth Grade ELA Teacher at Holly Springs Intermediate School. A little bit about myself, I am from Tupelo where I was born and raised. I graduated from Mississippi University for Women in 2015. I was a substitute teacher for four years for Tupelo Public School District were I discovered that I wanted to become a teacher. I look forward to meeting the students and parents this school year. I am elated to be here and ready for new beginnings!

School Schedule 2020-2021

Dear Students and Parents,

August 6 and August 7 we went over expectations and procedures. There will be a link listed below  to the power point that we presented on both days.


Google Meet Link is listed below:



If you were in Mrs. Swanson class last  year please log in to Mrs. Floyd's class at 230 on Monday August 10, 2020. Her Google Meet Link is  http://meet.google.com/scd-gcor-uhd


Ms. Groves