4th Grade

Kayla Leverson
Amarjay Stephenson

5th Grade

Kazariah McAdams

Jordan Williams

6th Grade

Demarco Taylor

Retaj Hizam

Zachariah Martin


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Directions for Virtual Learning

1. To sign into the Chromebook: 

  •  Login -- first name initial, last name initial, lunch number (xx123456)
  •  Password -- the day the student was born (not the month and year), lunch number (08123456)

2. Under the Class Schedule section below, please click on the schedule link below the grade to find out the teacher and the time in which student should be logged.   

3. Go to Schoology to login for classes and classwork.  Schoology Website

4. Locate the course per the schedule by grade.  The google meet link is listed under each course within Schoology.  

7. In google meet, click the microphone icon at the bottom to place on mute.  All students must stay muted at all times, unless called on by the teacher.  If the student has questions, please type the question into the chat box.  The camera must stay on and the student's entire face must be in view of the camera at all times.