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Name: Vicki Washington

Office Hours: M-F 7:30-4:00

Registration/Withdrawal Hours:

7:30-8:00 and 3:30-4:00


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Dear Intermediate Families,

My name is Mrs. Washington and this is my eighth year as your School Counselor! Our comprehensive school counseling programs is committed to providing our students with social-emotional support and counseling services throughout the school year and during this time of virtual learning. These services will be provided remotely in the following manner:

  • HSIS Counselor's Nest Webpage for resources and ways to connect with your school counselor.
  • Google Hangout Meet for remote video conferencing and counseling.
  • Schoology a new and upcoming virtual learning platform for groups and individual counseling service. Coming soon!
  • Email:

Individual and group counseling services will be provided via phone call and/or Google Hangout Meet (video conferencing). 

Parents, students, and teachers/staff can refer a student for routine concerns.

To refer students please fill out this form:

Please note:  Although School Counselors make every effort to protect students’ privacy, we cannot guarantee confidentiality in an online environment.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we work together this year! I know this continues to be a difficult time for everyone and I am committed to offering support to you and your child/children.



Mrs. Washington


You choose
It is a program geared toward social-emotional learning that provides a foundation for positive living by developing individuals' intrinsic motivation, improving their learning skills and behavior and giving them tools to empower their greatness throughout life. The basic philosophy has two principles: You feel good about yourself when you do positive actions, and there is a positive way to do everything.
manage emotions


Home links are simple, fun activities that encourage interaction between students and their adult family members. The activities give students a chance to practice Positive Action skills outside of school and help families learn about the skills so they can use them at home. 

Click below to view the home links you can do together. 

Lesson 1 Who Am I

Blog Posts


Every Young person should become aware of their greatest personal strengths and identify five as their "go-to" strengths they can think about and use when faced with challenging situations. They should be encouraged to use these terms in their self-talk to help them tap their already-proven assets when facing new challenges socially, emotionally and academically.

Mon May 04 10:21 AM

Your School Social Worker...


Counselors conduct classroom lessons once a month for each classroom. Some guidance topics are:

  • Bullying
  • Transitions
  • Friendship
  • Feelings/Empathy
  • Citizenship
    • Respect for Yourself & Others
    • Making Good Choices
  • Career Awareness
  • Acceptance


How does Mrs. Washington work with Parents?

  •  Invite parents to meet concerning their child.
  • Inform parents of situations or behaviors that may concern their child.
  • Obtain parental consent before proceeding with ongoing


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Individual Lesson: Impulse Control: Active Listening & Impulse Control- Week 4-May 4-7
Objective: For students to develop more accurate, interested and sustained listening skills through the use of impulse control.
We all like being listened to. It makes us feel like we matter to the other person. Listening to others creates feelings in them. When we are good listeners, those talking to us feel pleasant feelings. When we are poor listeners, those talking to us feel unpleasant feelings. In the boxes below there are lots of feelings. Draw a line from the ear in the middle of the page to the feelings words that good listening creates in others

As your School Counselor, my focus will be in the following areas; academics, personal/social skills, and careers. I will work with students, both individually and in groups, to help them acquire the knowledge and skills needed for success in school and life.

How does Mrs. Washington work with Students?

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available to all students to discuss academic, personal and social issues.

Small Group Counseling

Some services are provided in smaller groups.

Parents will be notified.

Some group possibilities are:

  • Social Skills/Friendships
  • Anger Control
  • Making Good Choice  
There are many ways a student can see Mrs. Washington
  • Students can ask to go to her office.
  • Mom and/or Dad can ask that she speaks with their child.
  • A staff member can ask her to see a student.




Respectful words

Use respectful words to help encourage and help others

Mon May 04 11:19 AM

STEP UP TO BETTER GRADES-Having a Good Study Space

Students should make their SPACE at home, where they do their homework, as close to their SPACE at school. Student should: *Do their homework at a table or desk *Keep all toys and electronics away from the study SPACE *Have a quiet study area *Have TV and other electronics turned off, unless using the device to complete assignments *Work in a SPACE that has a lot of light Ultimately, it should be free from distractions!

Tue Mar 24 11:45 AM

Small Group Activity

Small Group Lesson: Learning Styles-Understanding How You Learn Best-Week 4-May 4-7
Objective: This strategy will help you become more familiar with your best learning styles.

Do you learn better when your are able to hear information or when you are able to see it? Are you a "morning person" or a "night person"? Do you prefer to study by yourself in a quiet room or with a group, with the T.V. on or the stereo blasting? How does your personality affect your learning and study preferences?

All these questions are important to answer if you want to improve your study habits. Students differ from one another in their styles of studying and learning just  as teachers differ from one another in their styles of teaching. In this section, we will focus on different learning styles and show you that by understanding how you learn best, your performance in school  will improve-and so will your grades.

-Understanding How Your Learn Best

-What's Your Best Study Environment

-Your Personality and Your Learning Style



Interactive Individual Activity Assignment: Click on document below and complete the activity.     Click on Document below and download the worksheet. You are to complete the worksheet and email it back to me at the email provided OR you can type the activity directly into the message box under Contact Counselor.