Caryn Swanson

Greetings students and parents,

My name is Mrs. Caryn Swanson. I am so happy to be working with you this year!  We will be learning safety skills, sign language and communication skills, reading, math, science, social studies, and other life skills. If you are learning virtually from home, or if you have any questions, my email address and google meet link are below. You can also access learning sites and hand washing resources. I look forward to working with you! 




Mrs. Swanson's Schedule

 Time Class Skills This Week 
7:30HomeroomMission, Vision, Pledge, Patriotic Song, Safety Training 


Sign the alphabet and common phrases. A.RF.5.3 Use letter-sound knowledge to read words.  A.RL.5.2 Identify the theme or central idea of a text.

  9:00  Activity

Take a brain break or work on i-Ready.

 10:00 MathA.1.OA.1 Add up to ten using objects, fingers, drawings, or sounds (clapping).






 12:30 Science 


A.LS.5.3.A.1 Students will identify the parts of a plant.


 1:15 Social Studies 

A.G.1.1 Explain how seasons, weather and climate and other environmental characteristics of a place affect people and their actions. 


 2:00 HomeroomParent conferences can be scheduled Mondays and Wednesdays.