Caryn Swanson

Greetings students and parents,

My name is Mrs. Caryn Swanson. I am so happy to be working with you this year!  We are learning communication skills, including sign language and reading, household management skills, such as telling time, counting money, and calculating math, and self help skills, including safety, science, social studies, and other life skills. If you are learning virtually from home, or if you have any questions, my email address and google meet link are below. You can also access the learning sites below. Lets continue working together for our children. 

Mrs. Swanson's Schedule

 Time Class/Event Skills This Week 
7:00Breakfast Breakfast followed by Safety Training 
7:30Life Skills/ Social Studies

Study of migration to America, Mission, Vision, Pledge, Patriotic Song, restroom break

8:00Communication/ Sign Language and Reading Foundations

Sign the alphabet and common phrases. A.RF.5.3 Use letter-sound knowledge to read words.  

8:50ActivityStudents attend Computer, Music, PE, Library, and Music classes. Ideal time for parent conferences.
9:40Communication/ Conversation

Light snack and conversation, restroom break

Communication/ Reading

A.RL.5.2 Identify the theme or central idea of a text.

Lunch, recess, and restroom break.

Household Management/Math

A.5.NBT.4 A.5.MD1 Add to find the value of nickels and pennies.
 1:30Life Skills/Science
A.ES.5.3.A.1 Identify and prepare for different types of weather.
 2:15Recreation and Leisure

Participate in Accelerated Reader, i-Ready, Lexia, learning games, restroom break.

 2:50DismissalAfternoon announcements, bus call, car rider call.