Please join me...  Ms.  Bullard

For assistance please call: 662-419-3711 
Please text if there is no answer. Make sure you leave your child's name.

To reach the 4th grade staff, click on link below 

For the google meets for the 4th grade:

Ms. Jones     (SPED)          Meeting link---          Dial-in: (US) +1 336-566-3057 PIN: 420 896 765#

Ms. Hunt              

Ms. Bruce

Ms. Johnson 


Available time for Conferences:  Monday and Wednesday  7:45- 8:15a

                                                                  Tuesday and Thursday   2:00-3:00p

Please call to set a time

From the Nurse:  Ms. April Gibson

  • Wash before you eat, after using the restroom, or if they "feel dirty"
  • Wash after taking out the garbage, blowing your nose, sneezing, or touching someone else who is sick
  • Always wash hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Use an antibacterial soap
  • Use a clean paper towel to dry your hands

  • WHO hand washing technique: 
    Handwashing Song                



Click this link to join:   

Meeting  Nickname:   Bullard

If you do not have the internet use your phone to  dial:  1-609-800-2760

Enter this PIN when prompted :  796 300 324#

Monday and Wednesday 

7:00-7:30        "grab and go breakfast

7:30-8:30        safety training/ reading/ restroom/  Activity (social distancing)

8:30-9:30      All students meet with Ms. Hunt 

9:30- 10:30  All students meet with Ms. Bruce 

10:30-11:00    ALS (Writing)

11:00-11:30   Computer (I-ready, My path and teacher assignments)

11:30- 12:30 Lunch  (delivered to classroom/bathroom break/ social distancing)

12:30- 1:30  All students meet with Ms. Johnson

1:30  - 2:30   All students meet with Ms. Bullard 

2:30 - 2:50     Math Fluency / Pack up Restroom (social distancing) 

                                                            Tuesday and Thursday
Students will meet with teacher according to their pulling schedule. ( Please get in touch with homeroom teacher for the schedule)


There is an e- book read on Mrs. Ford's librarian web page:

1AIRREO JOHNSON7:45NF48:30NF 38:15RI 3/58:00RL3/5
2ALIYAH NOLAN7:45NF48:30NF 38:15RI 3/58:00RL3/5
3AMANDA NOVARESE7:45NF48:30NF 38:15RI 3/58:00RL3/5
4AMARJAY STEPHENSON8:00NF47:45NF 38:30RI 3/58:15RL3/5
5ANTONDRE HARDWAY8:00NF47:45NF 38:30RI 3/58:15RL3/5
6CARDIE BOUCHEE8:00NF47:45NF 38:30RI 3/58:15RL3/5
7CHARLES WILLIAMSOM8:15NF48:00NF 37:45RI 3/58:30RL3/5
8CHRISTIAN WELLS8:15NF48:00NF 37:45RI 3/58:30RL3/5
9CHRISTOPHER LESUEUR8:15NF48:00NF 37:45RI 3/58:30RL3/5
10COREYUNA SMART8:30NF48:15NF 39:15RI 3/57:45RL3/5
11DANIYA JONES8:30NF48:15NF 38:00RI 3/57:45RL3/5
12DOROTHY EVANS8:30NF48:15NF 38:00RI 3/57:45RL3/5
13EDERICK GLOVER8:45NF49:30NF 39:15RI 3/59:00RL3/5
14ELTON GRAHAM8:45NF49:30NF 39:15RI 3/59:00RL3/5
15FANIYA SMITH8:45NF49:30NF 39:15RI 3/59:00RL3/5
16GH’RIYHA KIMMONS9:00NF48:45NF 39:30RI 3/59:15RL3/5
17JA’CAELYN GARNER9:00NF48:45NF 39:30RI 3/59:15RL3/5
18JA’ZRAIN MATHIS9:00NF48:45NF 39:30RI 3/59:15RL3/5
19JAMARSAE BROWN9:15NF49:00NF 38:45RI 3/59:30RL3/5
20JAMARYIAH HAMPTON9:15NF49:00NF 38:45RI 3/59:30RL3/5
21JAQUAN TUCKER9:15NF49:00NF 38:45RI 3/59:30RL3/5
22JARDARUIS POWELL9:30NF49:15NF 39:00RI 3/58:45RL3/5
23JATAVION PEGUES9:30NF49:15NF 39:00RI 3/58:45RL3/5
24JAYMARION HARRIS9:30NF49:15NF 39:00RI 3/58:45RL3/5
25JAZMINE LEWIS9:45NF410:30NF 310:15RI 3/510:00RL3/5
27JEKERIA RICHARD9:45NF410:30NF 310:15RI 3/510:00RL3/5
28JEREMIAS MOORE10:00NF49:45NF 310:30RI 3/510:15RL3/5
29JOSEPH MILLER10:00NF49:45NF 310:30RI 3/510:15RL3/5
31KAITLYN BREWER10:00NF49:45NF 310:30RI 3/510:15RL3/5
32KANIYAH MCCRAY10:15NF410:00NF 39:45RI 3/510:30RL3/5
33KARON FINLEY10:15NF410:00NF 39:45RI 3/510:30RL3/5
34KATELYN FOLSOM10:15NF410:00NF 39:45RI 3/510:30RL3/5
35KATELYN KENNEY10:30NF410:15NF 310:00RI 3/59:45RL3/5
36KAYEIB CAMPBELL10:30NF410:15NF 310:00RI 3/59:45RL3/5
37KAYLA LEVERSON,10:30NF410:15NF 310:00RI 3/59:45RL3/5
38KAYLEB JEFFERSON10:45NF411:30NF 311:15RI 3/511:00RL3/5
39KENNIYAH WALLS10:45NF411:30NF 311:15RI 3/511:00RL3/5
40KIISON WICKS10:45NF411:30NF 311:15RI 3/511:00RL3/5
41KORTNEE BOYD11:00NF410:45NF 311:30RI 3/511:15RL3/5
42KYLEE HOUSTON11:00NF410:45NF 311:30RI 3/511:15RL3/5
43MARIAH GLOVER11:00NF410:45NF 311:30RI 3/511:15RL3/5
44MARIAH JONES11:15NF411:00NF 310:45RI 3/511:30RL3/5
45MARTRE STEWART11:15NF411:00NF 310:45RI 3/511:30RL3/5
46MARYIAH DOUGLAS11:15NF411:00NF 310:45RI 3/511:30RL3/5
47NIHLA WARREN11:30NF411:15NF 311:00RI 3/510:45RL3/5
48NYJEER RILEY11:30NF411:15NF 311:00RI 3/510:45RL3/5
49RAYNOTER JACKSON11:30NF411:15NF 311:00RI 3/510:45RL3/5
50SALEIGHA COLEMAN11:45NF412:30NF 312:15RI 3/512:00RL3/5
51SANKAYLA CONNER11:45NF412:30NF 312:15RI 3/512:00RL3/5
52TAKELA HARRIS11:45NF412:30NF 312:15RI 3/512:00RL3/5
53TAYLEN GATEWOOD12:00NF411:45NF 312:30RI 3/512:15RL3/5
54TIANA HOPKINS12:00NF411:45NF 312:30RI 3/512:15RL3/5
56TNEILUS RICHARD12:00NF411:45NF 312:30RI 3/512:15RL3/5
57TYLER PIGUES12:15NF412:00NF 311:45RI 3/512:30RL3/5
58TYLER WARREN12:15NF412:00NF 311:45RI 3/512:30RL3/5
59XAVIER MONGER12:15NF412:00NF 311:45RI 3/512:30RL3/5
60ZAKERIA ZINN12:30NF412:15NF 312:00RI 3/511:45RL3/5
61ZAMISON BROWN12:30NF412:15NF 312:00RI 3/511:45RL3/5
63ZKOBIE HARRIS12:30NF412:15NF 312:00RI 3/511:45RL3/5
InclusionMath and ELAStandard 30Standard 30Standard 30Standard 30Standard 30Standard 30
1David Barito7:45NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
2Martavius Scruggs7:45NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
3Brianna Boyd7:45NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
4Tyrese Rogers8:50NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
5Jayden Lewis8:50NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
6Cherish Stephenson10:45NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
7Jazamya Tucker9:55NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
8Diamond Beaugaurd9:55NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
9Sa'nearrah Raimey9:55NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
11Latevion Scruggs9:55NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
12Taylor Johnson10:45NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
13Z'Korhun Whaley10:45NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
14Shamya Webb10:45NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
15Jeremiah Tucker12:05NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
16Emari Mckinnie12:05NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
17Octavious Banks12:05NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5
18Jaiden Holloway,12:05NF3NF4RL4.3RL4.5RI4.3RI4.5


NF 4.4  

4.NF. 4c. Solve word problems involving multiplication of a fraction by a whole number, e.g., by  using visual fraction models and equations  to represent the problem. For example, if each person at a party will eat 3/8 of a pound of roast beef, and there will be 5 people at the party, how many pounds of roast beef will be needed? Between what two whole numbers does your answer lie?

Method Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers

Rewrite the whole number as a fraction. To rewrite a whole number as a fraction, simply place the whole number over 1. ...                                                           

 Multiply the numerators of the two fractions. ...

Multiply the denominators of the two fractions. ... Reduce the answer if possible. 

Please watch this Youtube for adding and subtracting fractions

  Math Antics;