Hello and WELCOME  to Mrs. Woods 5th Grade Science Class

   I look forward to teaching your child this year and learning more about them as we explore the wonderful world of Science. A little bit about me, I am a proud product of Holly Springs School District and a graduate of Rust College here in Holly Springs, I am the mother of five sons and one granddaughter. I love science because it helps us to understand the world around us and I am excited to share the journey of exploring the galaxy in which we live.



P.5.5A.1 Obtain and evaluate scientific information to describe the basic physical properties of atoms and molecules.
P.5.5A.2 Collect, analyze, and interpret data from measurements of the physical properties of solids, liquids, and gases (e.g., volume, shape, movement, and spacing of particles).

Here is the Schedule for Group 5: Mrs. Woods' Homeroom starting Monday, August 10, 2020, at 7:30 a.m.

TIME                     CLASS                                   TEACHER

7:30-8:00          Safety Training                    Mrs. Woods

8:00-9:00          Science                                   Mrs. Woods

9:00-10:00        Virtual Activity               Activity Teacher

10:00-11:00        ELA                                       Ms. Groves

11:00-11:30        LUNCH                              (lunchtime)

11:30-12:30        ELA                                       Ms. Hudson

12:30-1:30         Math                                      Ms. Scruggs

1:30-2:30           Math                                      Mr. Rhines

2:30-2:50           IREADY




~Mrs. Floyd asks if you were one of Mrs. Swanson's students last year could you please come to her classroom at 2:30 on Monday.


Contact Me: 

Andreia C. Woods

Email: awoods@hssd.k12.ms.us

Phone: 662-795-0323   

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Class Link: http://meet.google.com/jtz-grvi-xkm

Homework for August 6, 2020:

>Create a space to work from inside your home for virtual learning.

>Email me your student information : such as name, address, phone numbers for you and your parents as well as email address.

These are the vocabulary words for the week of August 10, 2020, for objectives P.5.5A.1 &P.5.5A.2. 

1. atoms: a particle that is the smallest and most basic part of an element.

2. compounds: a matter made of two or more elements, such as water, oxygen, and salt.

3. mass: the amount of matter an object has.

4. molecule: the smallest particle of a compound that has the properties of the compound.

5. temperature: a measure of how fast the particles of matter are moving.

6. volume: the amount of space an object takes up.

7. observe: to use your senses to gather information.