Ms. Davis _6th Grade Math     


EE.-8- Write an inequality of the form x> c or x< c to represent a constraint or condition in a real-world or mathematical problem. Recognize that inequalities of the form x> c or x< c have infinitely many solutions; represent solutions of such inequalities on number line diagrams.
  • Use variables to represent numbers to solve real-world problems
  • Determine the function of the variable in a real world or mathematical problem
  • Write expressions when solving real-world or mathematical problems
  • Identify the relationship of the variable in real-world mathematical problems
1. Expressions- A mathematical phrase that contains operations, numbers, and/or variables
2. Inequality- A mathematical sentence that shows the relationship between quantities that are not equal.
3. Equivalent- Equal or same value.
4. Variables-alphabet used to represent or take the place of an unknown number.
MondayIndependent Instruction
  • In class instruction. Packet given
  • Complete I-READY Grade Level/My Path Lessons

    Tuesday – Independent Instruction

  • In class instruction. Packet given
  • Study I Do and We Do from Class
  • Complete IReady Teacher Assignment
  • Study Packets for Quick Quiz

    Wednesday – Independent Instruction, Small Group Review and Homework

            Quick Quiz done in class

            I-Ready assignment through Teacher assignments and My Path

    Thursday – Teacher Assisted Instruction, Review and Homework(IReady)

  • Study fluency for class
  • In class instruction. Packet given
  • Study I Do and We Do from Class
  • I Ready assignment through Teacher assignments and My Path

    Friday – Teacher Assisted Instruction

  • Complete I-Ready- Teacher assigned lesson
  • Testing on weekly assignment
  • Biweekly Assessments Every Other Friday*
PRACTICE TEST ITEMS OR SAMPLE ITEMS- Practice and review items will be assigned throughout the week as part of class and independent activities Website/Support Materials
District website –
School website -
   Schoology and Google Classroom/Google Meet


Epic/Renaissance("Promote Student Independent Reading")

Epic Books are only available during school hours, unless parents choose to sign up for additional reading opportunities.

Students have AR requirements of passing 20 AR tests with a score of 80 and above. Students should complete 5 books every 9 weeks. AR tests can be taken at home until 5:00 pm.

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Please enter class with your mic MUTED daily and ensure that you have all material needed for each class, readily available.

Roll will be taken daily and your camera MUST be on throughout for attendance purposes.

You must have on an UNIFORM shirt and be sitting down to begin class. Please do not have any type of accessory on that is not within the uniform guidelines, such as: bag on head, caps or hoodies. 

When asked to answer a question, please do so in a timely manner.

Remember, PBIS. 

R. Davis

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Class Notes-

 We should all have knowledge of multiplication tables. This is important for 6th graders to know. Please practice these daily, there will be several quizzes throughout the school year.

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Illustrative 6 Grade Math 
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                          Schedule for the 4 week exam (11/13/20)

8:30 -9:30- Writing                                  11:00-12:00- Math

9:30-11:00- ELA                                         12:00-12:30- Lunch